Are Video Retainers the SME's solution?

By Maundu

Are Video Retainers the SME's solution to pricey content creation?

Picture this, you've just set up your business and you need a fast way to get the word out there; so you try creating posters and running ads online but you're just not getting the buzz you need to propel you to super sales status. You google online, and realize you are not taking advantage of video, so you give it a whirl, major flop since you only know how to record with your phone. You resort to calling in some professional help but then bam! You're smacked with an invoice longer than a trip from the Andes to Timbuktu. You weigh your options and pull the trigger, still nothing, another google search shows you need consistent content and there's no way you can afford another six figure spend for a video.

In comes companies like Fiction Entertainment and others, who pride themselves in helping SME's create content at a monthly cost. You get an email with packages ranging from 3 months, 6 months, upto 12 months engagement of creating content for the business. You look deeper into the fine print and realize that you can get weekly videos or even just monthly starting from as low as $1000 per month, so you think, why not go for this, you pick up the phone and call.

Fiction Sample Retainer Pack.

Such is the trend being followed by most new and existing businessess in a bid to reach and retain customer and client engagement, while keeping costs of such communication low while maximizing on value addition. The benefits of video retainers are endless, chief of those is that you can try out different communication methods; for instance ads, infomercials, documentaries, testimonials, behind the scenes, edutainment and many more, all geared toward increasing revenue for the business.

So in a nutshell, going for video retainers generally means that; For starters, Lower Cost Than Per-Project - Even though monthly video content requires a commitment, it's far more cost effective than purchasing on a per-project basis. ✓ Positive Brand Reflection - Consistently release high-quality video content, to reflect your high-quality brand. ✓ Increase Your Online Presence - Maintain an online presence and keep engagement up by regularly releasing video content. ✓ Save Yourself Time - Automate repetitive information delivery to clients, potential clients or staff.

Preparation is critical for the success of these projects. From my experience, I know that a typical corporate communications video will require an hour of in-situation or studio-based filming, two days of editing and up to three days of project management, consultation, ideation, scripting and coordination. thats why looking at the retainer packages, companies like Fiction offer the following in their starter package: Guaranteed priority in production queue Project Management Preproduction Production: Up to a day of single location filming Postproduction of a main video with up to two one-minute social media edits Delivery of final films in HD via downloadable links. With all these covered in the starter package, one can only imagine what you get for the premium packs, so i guess the answer to our question is yes, retainers are the way out.