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Culture Xpo

We were approached by a client seeking a campaign that showcased the Maasai community in a fresh, contemporary light. The challenge was to move beyond traditional portrayals and bridge the gap between their cultural heritage and modern aesthetics..


January 2024


Art Direction, Documentary, Design, Production

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The Challenge

We knew an authentic representation was crucial. Therefore, we partnered closely with Maasai artisans, elders, and young community members. Through interviews and discussions, we gained a deep understanding of their evolving traditions, aspirations for the future, and perspectives on modernity..

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Beads of Law
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Fractured Reality

The Research

We didn't want to simply modernize their attire; we aimed for a deeper fusion. Our team delved into current trends in fashion, design, and social movements. This research provided inspiration for how to incorporate those trends into the Maasai aesthetic while preserving its essence.

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The Solution

Fashion Fusion Photoshoot: We envisioned a campaign that went beyond the static. A photoshoot or runway show featuring Maasai warriors and community members became the centerpiece. We reimagined their traditional attire with modern design elements. Think bold Maasai prints adorning contemporary silhouettes or Maasai jewelry incorporated into urban fashion. Documentary Storytelling: To capture the heart of the project, we planned a short documentary. It would showcase the creative process behind the photoshoot, featuring interviews with Maasai artisans and designers collaborating with our team. This would not only document the project but also celebrate the rich cultural heritage and creativity of the Maasai people.
Social Media Engagement: In today's world, social media is king. We planned to develop a campaign hashtag and interactive elements. This would encourage a global audience to participate, learn more about the Maasai community, and celebrate their cultural evolution..

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