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We help to create Brand awareness through video content

At Fiction Entertainment we understand the business of Content Creation. Being story tellers at heart, we approach each project with the uniqueness and grandiosity it deserves. I think it was one of the creatives at our studios that said, 'behind all objects, animate and inanimate, there's a story,' and that story is what builds the brand. Our whole mission, that revolves around this same point, is to ensure one thing, consistent high quality, timely delivery, and a beautifully crafted story, with picturesque visuals, that will not only bring out your brand, but will give life to it.

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Awesome Works

Our Creative Works.

Web series

We create branded online shows, documentary series, podcasts, how to videos, cooking shows, music videos...the list is endless

Creative Always

From idea development, story boarding, concept proofing, budgeting and scripting to casting. our team works hand in hand with you to ensure your wildest desire is made into a reality.

Real-time Editing

Live Stream Events, directly to all platforms. We ensure smooth real time editing of any content that is being either filmed or live streamed.

For your convenience and for the beands audience, being fast is one of our super powers.

A Visual Look Our Team


What They Say ?

" Only one word can describe what these guys do...Fiction. But do I say if the shoe fits."

Alex Korir
RMS, Deepak Director

" I tried them once, still chasing after that dragon. Love our Engagement as always. Keep up the good work"

Emily Kimeu
Senior Practitioner. Mental Relief

" I can't remember a time we wanted content for our channels and looked for anyone else. A perfect fit. Love the team, love the skill. "

Leonard Mugo
Senior Manager, Brand Assist

Some friends we have
made while working together.